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Sony TV DLP Lamps

We sell SONY DLP Lamps. The DLP lamp in your SONY TV is a basically a light bulb. If your TV goes dark, but still has sound, you will need to replace the DLP lamp. SONY DLP TV bulbs are smaller and more specialized than most other brands of TV bulbs. SONY TVs are often […]

Sony TV Lamps XL-2100u – XL-5200

Fit in Sony TVs with the following model numbers: Sony TV Lamps: XL-5200, XL-2100, A-1606-034-BKDS-50A2000,KDS-50A2020,KDS-50A3000,KDS-55A2000,KDS-55A2020KDS-55A3000,KDS-60A2000,KDS-60A2020,KDS-60A3000,KDS-50AL120KDS-Z60XBR5,KDS-Z70XBR5,KDF-42WE655,KDF-50WE655,KDF-60XBR950KDF-70XBR950,KF-42WE610,KF-50W610,KF-50WE610,KF-60WE610KDF-42WE655,KDF-50WE655,KDF-60XBR950,KDF-70XBR950,KF-42SX300UKF-42WE610,KF-42WE620,KF-50SX300,KF-50WE610,KF-50WE620KF-60SX300,KF-60WE610,KF-60WE620,KF-WE42S1,KDF-42WE655KDF-50WE655,KDF-60XBR950,KDF-70XBR950,KF-42SX300U,KF-42WE610KF-42WE620,KF-50SX300,KF-50WE610,KF-50WE620,KF-60SX300KF-60WE610,KF-60WE620,KF-WE-42S1,KDF-42WE655,KDF-50WE655KDF-60XBR950,KDF-70XBR950,KF-42SX300U,KF-42WE610,KF-42WE620KF-50SX300,KF-50WE610,KF-50WE620,KF-60SX300,KF-60WE610

Small Engine F.A.Q

How often should I service my lawn mower, tractor or snowblower? Most manufacturers recommend each piece of equipment is serviced at least once a year. All small engines use petroleum-based products. As the additives in the petroleum break down and the oil & gas is left to settle over long periods of time; it can […]

AGL-13: JVC TV DLP Lamps – TS-CL110UAA

We sell the DLP Lamp for JVC DLP TVs. TS-CL110UAA There is only one model of DLP Lamp for JVC TVs and we do keep it in stock. The average wait time for a DLP bulb order is 2-3 days, including installation time. The DLP lamp in your JVC TV is basically a specialized light […]


SONY TV Lamp AGL-8. Agency Repair has an inventory of DLP TV Lamp bulbs. Bring in your bulb and we will replace it in the housing free of charge while you wait. SONY XL-2000,XL2000,A1601753A,A1484885AKF-40SX200,KF-50SX100,KF-50SX200,KP-XR43TW1,KF-42SX100KF-50XBR800,KF-50SX100U,KF-60DX100,KF-60XBR800,KF-42SX200

Samsung TV Lamps – AGL-10B


Riccar Vacuum Repair

Agency Vac Shop is one of the few Riccar Vacuum Authorized Dealers in Colorado. Riccar Vacuums have some of the longest warranties in the industry. Every vacuum that bears that Riccar name is designed for long term, exceptional cleaning performance. Riccar vacuums incorporate metal components to ensure every Riccar vacuum will stand the test of […]

Dyson Vacuum Repair

Dyson Vacuum Warranty Repair Center. Dyson Vacuum Repair Aurora Agency Vac Shop is an authorized warranty repair center for Dyson, we do carry most Dyson Vacuum replacement parts in stock. We can help you determine if your vacuum is under warranty and submit the Dyson repair warranty claim for you. Even if your Dyson vacuum […]

Simplicity Vacuum Repair

All Makes and Model Simplicity Vacuums Repair. Simplicity vacuums The range of vacuum cleaners on the market varies greatly, from an entry-level $59 machine at the discount store to an expensive $1,600 model available door-to-door. The saying “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true for vacuum cleaners. Some vacuum cleaners are constructed […]

Vacuum Cleaners Repair

Agency Vac Shop specializes in vacuum repair. We service and repair all makes and models of vacuums. Agency Vac Shop has 38 years of vacuum repair experience. We can help you determine whether or not your vacuum is under warranty. If your vacuum is covered by a manufacturer warranty, we can submit the warranty repair […]