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AGL-13: JVC TV DLP Lamps – TS-CL110UAA

We sell the DLP Lamp for JVC DLP TVs. TS-CL110UAA

There is only one model of DLP Lamp for JVC TVs and we do keep it in stock. The average wait time for a DLP bulb order is 2-3 days, including installation time.

The DLP lamp in your JVC TV is basically a specialized light bulb. If your TV goes dark, but still has sound, you will need to replace the DLP lamp.
Agency TV Repair Shop does have a TV repair tech on site to install DLP lamps in JVC TVs. We also offer in home TV repair service for an additional fee.

Contact Agency TV Repair Shop to order a replacement JVC DLP lamp or other DLP bulb for your TV. Fits in JVC DLP TVs with these model numbers:

  • HD-P70R2U,HD-61Z575AA,HD-61Z575,HD-61Z456,HD-61G887
  • HD-61G787,HD-61G657,HD-61G587,HD-61FN98,HD-61FN97
  • HD-61FH97,HD-61FH96,HD-61FC97,HD-61FB97,HD-61Z575PA
  • HD-61Z585,HD-P70R1U,HD-P61R2U,HD-P61R1U,HD-70GC78
  • HD-70G887,HD-70G886,HD-70G678,HD-70FN97,HD-70FH97
  • HD-70FH96,HD-70A478,HD-61Z886,HD-61Z786,HD-56GC87
  • HD-56G887,HD-52Z585PA,HD-52Z585,HD-52Z575PA,HD-52Z575
  • HD-52G887,HD-52G886,HD-52G787,HD-52G786,HD-52G657
  • HD-52G587,HD-52G586,HD-52G576,HD-52G456,HD-55G456
  • HD-55G466,HD-56G886,HD-56G787,HD-56G786,HD-56G657
  • HD-56G647,HD-56FN99,HD-56FN98,HD-56FN97,HD-56FH97
  • HD-56FH96,HD-56FC97,HD-56FB97,HD-567BP6,HD-52FA97