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Dyson Vacuum Repair

Dyson Vacuum Warranty Repair Center. Dyson Vacuum Repair Aurora

Agency Vac Shop is an authorized warranty repair center for Dyson, we do carry most Dyson Vacuum replacement parts in stock. We can help you determine if your vacuum is under warranty and submit the Dyson repair warranty claim for you. Even if your Dyson vacuum is no longer under warranty, we can help with fast, affordable vacuum repair.

If the attachment tools for your vacuum are broken or missing, we can order replacements for you. We might even have the vacuum attachments already in stock.

We do have Dyson vacuum cleaners for sale

Dyson vacuums are mostly plastic and break easily, we keep only the most popular Dyson vacuums in stock. We are an authorized Dyson vacuum store and can order any model of Dyson you have your heart set on. We also have Dyson heaters, humidifiers and fans in stock. If you are looking for a great deal on a Dyson come see us.

Agency Vac Shop Specializes In Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Repair

We look forward to helping you find the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. All Dyson upright and canister vacuums come with a 5 year warranty that covers parts and labor. Dyson vacuums don’t use bags to capture dust, so there is never a loss of suction from clogged bags. If it turns out a Dyson vacuum is not durable enough for your home, we do offer several other vacuum brands to choose from.

Did you know that the James Dyson Foundation offers free engineering and ideas resource boxes to schools? Learn more about the James Dyson Foundation.