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Riccar Vacuum Repair

Agency Vac Shop is one of the few Riccar Vacuum Authorized Dealers in Colorado.

Riccar Vacuums have some of the longest warranties in the industry. Every vacuum that bears that Riccar name is designed for long term, exceptional cleaning performance. Riccar vacuums incorporate metal components to ensure every Riccar vacuum will stand the test of time. When you buy a Riccar, you get a vacuum that will last decades.

If your Riccar Vacuum needs repair, Agency Vac Repair Shop in Aurora can help.

We carry many common Riccar parts in stock so that we can provide fast repairs. Bags, belts, and filters for Riccar Vacuums can always be in purchased from our store. We can even mail parts for Riccar Vacuums to you, if you need us to. Agency Vac Shop has 38 years of vacuum cleaner repair experience. We are proud to offer local vacuum repair in Aurora, Colorado.

For additional information contact us at: (720) 316-2138.

Riccar Vacuums are designed, engineered and built in St. James, Missouri, USA.

Tired of disappointing vacuums? Ones that don’t seem to pick up anything. Others that clog every time you use them. And those that start off strong, but quickly fall apart and need to be replaced after only a year or so of service. It was out of these same frustrations that Riccar Vacuums were born.

Riccar vacuums are filled with American pride and convenience features.

The Premium Radiance Riccar Vacuum goes well beyond taking care of large debris and surface dirt. With its HEPA Plus Filter and 100% sealed system, the Premium Radiance is designed to capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size. Plus, the dirt sensing display illuminates the cleaning path to indicate when the deeply embedded dirt has been removed from your carpets.

Agency Vac Shop can help you find the best Riccar Vacuum for your needs.

Each home is unique and has its own set of cleaning challenges. To discover which Riccar vacuum is right for you, turn to the experts. We ask questions such as “Do you have pets?” and “Does anyone in your home have long hair?” so we can match you up with the vacuum that is perfect for you.