Repair Services

Rug Doctor Repair

We Repair All Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines, Including Rug Doctor Carpet Shampooers.

Carpet shampooer and Rug Doctor repair is often covered under warranty. We are an authorized Rug Doctor Repair Shop. At Agency Vac Shop, we can help you find out if your carpet cleaning machine is still under warranty. We can help submit the warranty claim for your carpet cleaner or rug doctor parts and service to be paid for.

Even if your machine is not covered by a warranty, we offer affordable carpet shampooer and Rug Doctor repair.

We do charge an estimate fee to determine the problem with your carpet shampooer or rug doctor machine. If you choose to have us complete the repair, the estimate fee is applied toward the cost of the repair. If your carpet shampooer is under warranty, the warranty usually pays the estimate fee for you.

Agency Vac Shop offers fast Carpet Shampooer and Rug Doctor repairs.

Because we are an authorized warranty repair center, we carry rug doctor parts and parts for other carpet shampooers in stock. Having replacement parts on hand allows us to repair machines quicker. If you are having problems with your carpet cleaner or rug doctor not spraying, we can fix that.

What does a carpet shampooer or Rug Doctor repair warranty normally cover?

Parts and labor for repairs are normally covered by carpet shampooer warranties. Most carpet cleaner warranties are between 1 and 10 years long, depending on the brand and model. Only normal household use is covered under most carpet cleaning machine warranties.

What does a carpet shampooer or Rug Doctor repair warranty not cover?

  • Most carpet cleaning machine warranties are limited to the original purchaser. Problems caused by lack of maintenance are not covered.
  • Replacement of normal wear and tear parts, such as belts and brushrolls, is not covered.
  • Repairs needed after misuse or abuse of your carpet cleaner is not covered.
  • Most carpet cleaner manufacturers clearly state that they are not liable if you damage your furniture or carpet while you are using your carpet shampooer.

Here are some tips to avoid issues your carpet cleaning machine warranty will not cover:

  • Be mindful to properly rinse your carpet shampooer machine after each use, before putting it away.
  • Using the wrong carpet cleaning solution can destroy the tubing, most warranties don’t cover that.
  • Belts and brushrolls need to be replaced periodically. Not replacing parts when needed voids most warranties.
  • If you try to fix your carpet shampooer yourself and can’t get it back together, Agency Vac Shop can help, but your warranty won’t pay for that.