Vacuum Cleaners

Rebuilt Vacuums

Agency Vac Shop has a variety of refurbished steam cleaning machines in stock.

Whether you are looking for an upright carpet steam cleaner, hard floor steam mop, handheld steam cleaner, or professional steam cleaning machine, Agency Vac Shop can help. Because Agency Repair Shop is an authorized repair station for many floor care brands, we do have a selection of factory refurbished steam cleaners in stock.

Get a gently used or refurbished steam cleaner at a great price.
vacuum repair Denver. Refurbished steam cleaning machines cost less than buying the same machine new, and still come with a warranty. Agency Vac Shop offers a 90 day warranty on all of the gently used and refurbished steam cleaners we sell. Factory authorized refurbished steam cleaners also come with a manufacturer warranty at no additional charge.

We can help you find the machine that will best meet your floor care needs.
Some steam cleaners are better suited for hard floors such as tile or hardwood. Hard floor cleaning machines are not the same as machines that deep clean carpet. Some carpet cleaning machines are better suited for cleaning pet messes out of carpet than others. We do sell carpet shampooers that can handle pet messes. At Agency Vac Shop you can see and compare all types of floor cleaning machines.

If you aren’t happy with the steam cleaner you currently have, bring it in for trade.

If you’ve moved or installed new flooring in your home, your floor care needs might have changed. When steam cleaners are traded in, we refurbish them by carefully checking to make sure the machine is clean and in proper working order. We replace any parts that show signs of wear and tear as well as any attachments that are missing.