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Projection DLP TV Lamps

When is it time to replace my DLP Projection TV lamp?

Trust me, you’ll know when it’s time to replace the lamp. The TV screen will lose its brightness and appear dim. You won’t necessarily have to replace the TV lamp when you first notice the dimming. Some people might wait until the bitter end to install a new lamp, while others like to have a replacement bulb on hand waiting for the screen to dim. It’s a matter of personal choice.

A DLP TV lamp is basically the light bulb inside your TV that lights up the screen.

What exactly is a replacement DLP TV lamp? The lamp is the main light source used on a rear screen projection TV. It is a replaceable mercury vapor arc lamp unit. So in layman’s terms, it’s a light bulb that needs to be replaced when it burns out.

How much do replacement DLP TV lamps cost?

In most cases the DLP TV lamp replacement is cheaper than buying a new TV. Unfortunately, some replacement lamps for projection televisions can be expensive. Depending on the type of lamp and manufacturer, the cost will vary considerably.

Call Us at 720-316-2138 to order a replacement DLP TV bulb for your TV. We do carry most projection TV bulbs and replacement lamps in stock.

Generic Projection TV lamps burn out faster than manufacturer lamps.
Many of the television lamps sold on the internet are generic. With cheap TV bulbs or discount DLP TV lamps you get what you pay for. Sometimes using a generic TV lamp can cause problems. Using cheap TV lamps, you run the risk of blowing out the ballast on your TV. Another thing to consider about ordering a replacement lamp online, is that TV lamps are fragile and can be easily damaged during shipping. Avoid the frustration by ordering your replacement TV lamp from Agency Vac Shop, a local small business in Aurora, Colorado.

We do carry the following DLP TV Bulbs in stock:

  • Samsung TV DLP Lamps
  • Mitsubishi TV DLP Lamp Replacements
  • Sony Lamps for Projection TVs
  • Toshiba DLP Bulbs
  • Hitachi TV DLP Lamps
  • Phillips DLP TV Lamps
  • JVC TV Bulbs