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DC14 Vacuum Basics

How to breakdown, disassemble and clean your Dyson model DC14.

In this post Tom our lead vacuum technician disassembles a Dyson model DC14. Tom shows you how to perform the basic maintenance on it too. This is a common household vacuum that we see come in often and is one of the more popular home vacuums. This machine in this tutorial is about as dirty as the average one to come in to the shop.

This quick video is aimed at teaching you the best basic maintenance practices for a Dyson DC14 vacuum. If you do not have a DC14 and you have a different model this video most likely won’t work for you. All Dyson models have different schematics from one another.

If you have questions about your particular Dyson model feel free to contact us and ask us anything or come see us in person at 1802 South Havana Street in Aurora Colorado today!

DC14 – Basic Disassembly and Maintenance