Changing the belt on a Bissell PowerClean Bagless Upright Vaccum System

This week, Tom the lead vacuum technician here at Agency Repair shows our viewers how to change the belt on a Bissell PowerClean Bagless Vacuum system.

The belt on any vacuum is a critical part of the vacuum system as it powers the brush roll which digs dirt out of your carpets through “agitation”. This agitation allows for the dirt to come out of your carpet for the suction to pull it through the head of the vacuum and If your belt is stretched too much or broken completely then your vacuum most likely won’t appear to have much suction at all and will leave dirt on your carpet after you’ve already run over it with the vacuum.

If you suspect that your vacuum belt may be stretched or broken come on down and see us at Agency Repair – 1802 South Havana St. In Aurora, Colorado. 303-750-5290 – we will look at your vacuum on the spot and tell you if you need a new belt or not at no charge.