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Mitsubishi TV DLP LampsThe DLP lamp in your Mitsubishi TV is basically a specialized light bulb. If your TV goes dark, but still has sound, you will need to replace the DLP lamp. Replacing the Mitsubishi TV bulb is usually cheaper than buying a new TV.
It is smart to buy your replacement bulb from a TV repair shop local to you, instead of ordering off the internet. Television Lamps are fragile and likely to be damaged during shipping. Mitsubishi dlp lamps are higher output than many other replacement tv bulbs so it’s really important to get a lamp with the correct power output. Generic DLP lamps are likely to have a lower power output which causes them to burn out faster. The saying you get what you pay for definitely rings true for DLP bulbs, cheap bulbs can burn out in just a few weeks. Avoid frustration by ordering your replacement DLP lamp from a reputable local TV repair shop.
Agency TV Repair Shop in Aurora, Colorado does have a TV repair tech on site to install DLP lamps in Mitsubishi TVs. We also offer in home TV repair service for an additional fee.

AGL-1B Mitsubishi DLP Replacement Lamp: 915P020010

Fits in Mitsubishi DLP TVs with these model numbers:

62DL5 WD-62825G WD-62825 WD-62725 WD-62525
WD-62327 WD-52825G WD-52825 WD-52725 WD-52525
WD-52327 WE-52825

AGL-3B Mitsubishi DLP Lamps: 915P028010, 915P028A10

Fit in Mitsubishi DLP TVs with these model numbers:

WD-52526 WD-52527 WD-52528 WD-62526 WD-62527

AGL-5B Mitsubishi DLP Bulbs: 915P049010, 915P027010

Fit in Mitsubishi DLP TVs with these model numbers:

WD-62827 WD-62927 WD-65731 WD-65732 WD-73727
WD-73827 WD-73927 WD-Y57 WD-Y65 WD-57732
WD-57731 WD-52631

AGL-14B Mitsubishi DLP TV Lamps: 915B403001, 915B455011, 915B455012

Fit in Mitsubishi TVs with these model numbers:

WD-73642 WD-73838 WD-73837 WD-73835 WD-73742
WD-73738 WD-73737 WD-73736 WD-73735 WD-73C10
WD-73C8 WD-73C9 WD-92840 WD-92742 WD-82838
WD-82837 WD-82742 WD-82740 WD-82738 WD-82737
WD-73640 WD-73638 WD-65638 WD-60C9 WD-60C8
WD-60C10 WD-60738 WD-60737 WD-60735 WD-60638CA
WD-65638CA WD-65735 WD-65736 WD-65C9 WD-65C8
WD-65C10 WD-65838 WD-65837 WD-65835 WD-65738
WD-65737 WD-60638

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