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HEPA Filters For Vacuums Trap Very Small Particles & Allergens

Hoover hepa vacuum filtersVacuums with HEPA filters are good for people who have allergies because they can catch tiny allergens that other vacuum cleaners would recirculate back into the air.

To qualify as true HEPA by Environmental Protection Agency standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 microns or larger.

This article from About Home explains more about the difference between true HEPA filters and HEPA-like filters.

Agency Repair Shop does carry both true HEPA filters and HEPA-like filters

True HEPA filters do cost more, but if some one in your household suffers from allergies the extra cost is almost certainly worth it. HEPA-like filters can still be more effective than regular non-HEPA filters.

We also sell HEPA Filter Vacuum Cleaners. If your current vacuum doesn’t use HEPA filters, it might be time to trade your vacuum in for a more effective vacuum.

Vacuum filters come in a variety of shapes

Each style of vacuum is different so there are many different sizes and shapes of vacuum filters. Some vacuum filters fit inside the dust cup. Other styles of filters cover the area of the vacuum where air passes through before being exhausted from the vacuum.

It’s important to replace your vacuum filter often.

  • HEPA Filters and non-HEPA Filters do have to be replaced regularly.
  • Replacement HEPA Filters usually cost between $10-$30.
  • In a residential setting, a HEPA filter may last two or three years before it needs to be changed.
  • In a commercial setting and used on a daily basis, the HEPA filter should be checked every six months. When heavily soiled the filter should be replaced; otherwise, it should be changed once per year.
  • If you can smell a musty odor when the vacuum cleaner is used, the HEPA filter should be changed.
  • Some vacuum cleaners have a pre-filter designed to capture large particulates; these should be checked/changed every three to four months.
  • If the system has a carbon pre-filter, these should be changed every two to three years.
  • If the filter or the housing holding the filter is ever damaged, the filter should be changed.

If you need a replacement HEPA filter for your vacuum come see us. We are open 7 days a week.

Another way to remove allergens from the air, without having to buy HEPA filters, is with the Sirena Water Vacuum.

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